One's angel is his or her best friend and guide. They are omnipresent around you. You need to believe in them and have faith. The more you question their existence, the lesser you will experience their presence. "I can feel their presence through flashes of light, butterflies, and in nature. If you are connected with the right amount of belief you can also hear soft messages."

My confidence has increased with every positive step towards the light. I get my answers through angel cards reading. Angels give me the courage, strength and help me heal myself and everyone around me. I am protected.


Mediation is my souls soundless conversation with my inner pilot.- Sri Chinmoy

Meditation is a final doorway to the state of realization. Before meditation gain knowledge, wisdom and work on detachment. Meditation helps open deeper level of the mind. It helps the light that shines within us to expand in the form of intuition.

Meditation can be an effective form of stress reduction and has the potential to improve health and the overall quality of life. It means to discard the thoughts in ones' mind and attain a state of consciousness where only the awareness remains.

Meditation, in reality, is a state of thoughtless awareness. When only consciousness remains without an object, that state is called meditation. Very often, we mistake meditation as concentrating on one object, breathing in a controlled manner etc as meditation. The fact is it is not. These are just the concepts. As you keep practicing these disciplines, gradually there will be a moment when you will succeed to nullify the awareness of breathing and then gradually the awareness of the body, and finally the thoughts too will disappear. What remains after this stage is meditation.

When you illuminate a lamp and clear all the objects surrounding it, it will not cast any dark shadows but will only continue to burn brilliantly. Similarly, when you rid your mind off all the thoughts and objects then what remains is pure consciousness. This consciousness in its pure state is meditation.


Spiritual Healing as the work suggests has nothing to do with ghosts. In fact, the word spirit is commonly used to refer to God, The Holy Spirit and other good souls who help mankind. These souls guide and help individuals heal other individuals. There are two types of healing process in practice.

  • Here the healing energy is passed through the healer's body and into the person being healed. The healer's body acts as a medium or energy conductor that passes the energy from God or these souls into the patient's body.
  • In the second form, the Spirit guides the healer to the different parts in the patient's body where the healing will best work.

The term "healing hand" is very similar to this form of healing. The hands play an integral part in this healing process, as they are the focal point through which the transmission of energy takes place.

All you need is Love