• Gaman, Is an amazing, professional workshop teacher, spiritually connected and guided. Her strength is also leading meditations.
    Helga, Switzerland.

  • Gaman, Thank you so much for your inspirational Heal your life workshop on forgiveness today. You are an amazing Heal your life Teacher, a woman of peace that walks this earth with love that radiates to all. Thank you for your visionary work on forgiveness, which has helped me Heal my attitude to personal relationship. You have taught me tools to bring into my life, which enable not only me to Heal, but others that I Love, I can now let go - 'WHAT FREEDOM' .
    With much love a light ,Debbie

  • Gaman, I really liked the opening meditation which was confidently delivered and helped me to relax deeply. Enplaning Forgiveness, the topic of the workshop revealed to me new insights about myself. The felicitator offered gentle guidance which will help my personal development.
    D Long (UK)

  • Gaman is a very special & intuitive coach. She knew specifically what I needed to hear & what Exercises would assist my healing process.
    I highly recommend Gaman to you.
    Kelly Lavington South Australia

  • I am really thankful for this course & because it has really shown me who I am, and why I can like the way I am thank you.
    Love you (payal)

  • Thank you for awakening my inner self with this course + for weekly meditation. I'm more aware of my mistakes, weakness & strength Big Thank you.
    Ichha Bhasin

  • Mom I've not felt this light before. Really thank for being my teacher
    - Raspreet

  • Very Good atmosphere, God bless you & your Family.
    Shyam Killedar

  • Thank You for enriching my Soul
    Kirti Killedar

  • Tremendous Blessings & good Wishes for all your future Endeavors. You have done a wonderful job. Love n Luck Thank you for making me more Expressive and open up with regards.

  • Thank you for making me more Expressive and open up. With Regards.

  • Hi Lily Aunty - This course was awesome and very enriching Experience! Thanks a lot and ALL THE BEST for your future journey. God bless.
    Harpreet Arora

  • I came here only to encourage u ... but on going back so enlightened!! God Bless.

  • Thanks Lily Mam Everything...Awesome Course Bless!!!! Load of Love

  • Congratulations! Great Beginning! Thanks a lot for showing me my true self! May you go places is what i wish for you
    Anita Sobti

  • Thank You So Much for beautiful Experience And Love God Bless U Now & Forever. Amen Great Success to You.

  • Thank You Maami :oops Teacher From today I have one more name to call you.
    You made it
    You are actually living your dream
    You were fantastic.
    A big Thank you
    Love You
    Pooja (Thanks Pooja for assisting in my Course)

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.